Fellowship in Pediatrics


  • MBBS / MD / MS / DNB / DMRD / DCH


  • 1 Year

Course Objective

Welcome to our Fellowship in Pediatrics program, where we aim to equip healthcare professionals (Doctors) with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in pediatric care. This fellowship is designed for medical practitioners seeking specialized expertise in the field of pediatrics. Doctors will learn to design and implement evidence-based treatments for common pediatric health problems, interpret and evaluate laboratory tests, diagnose and manage both acute and chronic illnesses, and develop the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals. Additionally, fellows will learn to integrate evidence-based medicine into the practice of pediatrics and to evaluate and interpret the latest research and clinical data in the field.

Course Description

  • Basic Pediatrics:- Start your journey with a strong foundation in Basic Pediatrics. Explore essential principles of pediatric medicine, covering growth milestones, routine care, and developmental assessments. Build the fundamental knowledge needed to excel in the field of pediatric healthcare.

  • Care of Newborns (Neonatology):- Delve into the specialized care of newborns with a focus on Neonatology. This module equips you with the skills and knowledge necessary for the unique challenges of caring for infants, from birth through the crucial early weeks of life.

  • Pediatrics Infections:- Navigate the world of pediatric infections in this comprehensive module. Learn to diagnose and manage common childhood infections. From viral to bacterial, this module provides insights into preventing, identifying, and treating infections in pediatric patients.

  • Pediatrics Specialties:- Explore the diverse and fascinating specialties within pediatrics. This module introduces you to areas such as pediatric cardiology, neurology, and other specialized fields. Gain insights into the unique aspects of each specialty and how they contribute to comprehensive pediatric care.

  • More modules are included in the Pediatrics Fellowship Program.

Career Opportunities

After completing your Fellowship in Pediatrics! Your expertise opens doors to diverse and fulfilling career opportunities in the world of pediatric healthcare.

1. Pediatrician in Private Practice(Own Clinic):- Launch your own pediatric practice, providing primary care to children in a private setting. Build lasting relationships with young patients and their families.

2. Hospital-Based Pediatrician:- Join a hospital or medical center, delivering specialized care to children. Work collaboratively with a team of healthcare professionals in a dynamic hospital environment.

3. Pediatric Subspecialist:- Choose a specialized path within pediatrics, such as pediatric cardiology, neurology, or gastroenterology. Become an expert in a specific area and contribute to cutting-edge advancements in pediatric medicine.

4. Neonatologist:- Focus on the care of newborns as a neonatologist. Work in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), providing critical care to premature or ill newborns.

5. Pediatric Researcher:- Contribute to the advancement of pediatric medicine through research. Work in academic institutions or research organizations, exploring innovative solutions and improving pediatric healthcare practices.

6. Pediatric Emergency Medicine:- Thrive in fast-paced environments by becoming a pediatric emergency medicine specialist. Respond to pediatric emergencies in hospital emergency departments.

Fee Structure

Fees for the Fellowshipin Pediatrics program may differ from country to country.