About Us

The International Board of Medical Practitioners is an organization to developing, promoting, supporting and encouraging, medical education and medical practices. IBMP plans and executes examinations to medical physician & Surgeon, the extent knowledge of advance and current practices in Medicine. IBMP is devoted to postgraduate education in the field of Medicine, Radiology, Fetal Medicine, Cardiology, Diabetology, Dermatology, Medical Oncology and others specialties, dedicated to the health promotion  and satisfaction through physician education and examination.

IBMP Certification is a teaching and education program, and is not a license to practice. It is the highest profiled scientific program regarded globally, taught by faculty who are experts in their field. Becoming IBMP Board Certified provides physicians with the highest profile to practice the Medicine and Surgery of anywhere in the world. Nevertheless, a medical license delivered by the local health authorities in any country in which you are practicing is mandatory.

IBMP Board Certification Courses are currently eligible to licensed physicians of all specialties. The courses are offered in Fellowship and CME parts, culminating in IBMP Board Certification. Each course completed in order, compulsory, regardless of knowledge or experience level.

Are you passionate about helping others lead a healthier lifestyle? If so, then the International Board of  Medical Practitioners (IBMP) has the perfect fellowship programs for you. IBMP offers  certification programs that provides individuals with the opportunity to become a certified Medical Practitioner.