Fellowship in Echocardiography


  • MBBS / MD / MS / DNB 


  • 1 Year

Course Objective

Welcome to the Fellowship in Echocardiography, a comprehensive program designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary for proficiently conducting and interpreting echocardiographic examinations. This course aims to provide a solid foundation in echocardiography, fostering expertise in cardiovascular imaging and patient care. Acquire practical, hands-on experience in conducting echocardiograms. This includes mastering the technical aspects of image acquisition & manipulation and ensuring the production of high-quality diagnostic images.

Course Description

  • Basics of Echocardiogram: This foundational module introduces participants to the fundamental principles of echocardiography. From understanding ultrasound technology to deciphering cardiac anatomy, participants will develop a solid grasp of the basics, setting the stage for more advanced concepts.
  • Basic Clinical Cardiology: Explore the field of clinical cardiology and gain knowledge about the fundamental principles that support cardiovascular health. Cardiovascular anatomy, common heart diseases, and applying clinical knowledge to echocardiography practice are among the topics covered.
  • Ultrasound training: Ultrasound imaging, Doppler techniques, and three-dimensional echocardiography. Participants will explore the basics of abdominal imaging, focusing on the liver, kidneys, and other abdominal organs, enhancing their diagnostic capabilities. 
  • Echocardiography in Myocardial Disease: This module delves into the intricate world of myocardial diseases. Participants will learn to identify and interpret echocardiographic findings associated with various myocardial conditions, paving the way for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Diseases of the Aorta: Explore the fascinating and critical area of aortic diseases. This segment covers aortic anatomy, common pathologies, and the role of echocardiography in diagnosing and monitoring aortic conditions, including aneurysms and dissections.
  • Interpretation of echocardiographic images and the application of imaging techniques. 
  • Research techniques such as data acquisition and analysis.
  • Use of echocardiography to diagnose and monitor cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Identification and quantification of cardiac structures and motion. 
  • Advanced analysis of Doppler signals. 
  • Evaluation of right and left ventricular function. 
  • Assessment of valvular heart disease. 
  • Diagnosis of pericardial and myocardial diseases.

Career Opportunities

This program unlocks pathways to becoming an Echocardiographer, Cardiovascular Technologist, Clinical Cardiology Assistant, Research Associate, Medical Device Specialist, Healthcare Educator, Cardiovascular Clinic Coordinator, and Telemedicine Specialist. Fellowship in Echocardiography helps doctors gain the skills and knowledge necessary to provide expert care for patients with cardiovascular diseases. They will develop advanced diagnostic and imaging skills to effectively evaluate and treat cardiovascular disorders. Fellows will learn how to use echocardiography to diagnose and monitor cardiovascular diseases, identify and quantify cardiac structures and motion, and evaluate right and left ventricular function. Enroll now for a fulfilling career in cardiovascular healthcare!

Fee Structure

Fees for Fellowship in Echocardiography courses may differ from country to country.